Sunday, November 2, 2008

We love this time of year, not because it is Halloween, but because we get to celebrate the Reformation. Four Hundred and ninety-one years ago Martin Luther started a firestorm in Europe by taking a shot at some of the unbiblical practices of the Pope and the Catholic church. We now worship in evangelical churches because of this event. Praise the Lord for His sovereign control over the affairs of men! The day after Reformation Day we went to a church down the road and walked around their little festival. It was really a great time! They had activitites for the kids, snacks, art work, reading literature and street preachers...all centered around the Reformation. We had a great time!
Mama's little pumpkin! My mom brought Peter this little pj set that looks like a little pumpkin...I love the stem. :)Peter wasn't so sure about carving the pumpkin. I think he thought I was hurting it... :)

He warmed up to the idea as soon as he realized he could pull the tops off and look inside.

Here are our creations! Brent's, Peter's, mine, and Mom's.
We handed out candy and Bible tracts to the trick or treaters. Peter wanted to help give candy to the kids at the door. He would reach in the bowl, get a piece of candy and drop in their was so adorable!

Waiting for trick or treaters. :)

Batman and Grandma. :)


At November 13, 2008 at 10:28 AM , Blogger Crystal Victoria said...

He is the cutest pumpkin!!!!


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