Thursday, November 21, 2013

The thinking tree

My favorite thing about our rental house is our backyard.  The kids love it too.  At the back of the yard is a line of trees that makes you feel as though you are sneaking through Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood....or else following the Fellowship to Mordor.  I always watch the boys, especially Peter, go back there.  One day I followed him and found him sitting in this certain tree. He said it was his "thinking tree".  I admit, I was a bit jealous.  :)

Justin likes to climb in the trees too.  I am so thankful they are allowed this boyhood experience.  

I just thought this photo was funny.  Peter is currently out of arrows so he decided to improvise and use a sword in his bow instead.  Haha!  It actually worked!

 So...what do sweet little girls do while the boys climb trees and scrape their knees?  Why, play Care Bears, of course!  Jane brought out her little dollhouse that we got from the Cupps and she set up her little Care Bear collection.  I had fun joining in....that is the great thing about having get the wonderful excuse to run with lightsabers and lay on your belly in front of a dollhouse. :D


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