Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Our friend, Bradley, was a life guard at Hawaiian Falls over the summer and he scored us some tickets to go!  We were so excited, especially since we didn't get to swim much in a pool over the summer.  
 Jane just cracked me up the whole time.  You can her see, Miss Independent, pushing past the boys to take off.  She certainly has spunk.  :)

 The splash pad was a huge hit!  All the kids loved that the best and therefore, that is where we spent a lot of the time.  Even though it was hot outside the water was cool and wonderful.

Bradley's mom, Lisa, also passed along some coupons for us to get free cotton candy!  Wahoo!  This is a fav among the O kids.  
Aaaaaah.  The best ride home ever!  Lol.  We had such a great time and we are so thankful for good friends that God has given to us to extend His generosity.  Thanks, Wabbersens! :)  :)


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