Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This has been one of the prettiest falls in Fort Worth.  We are so blessed to live by so many trees!  I just had to share some pictures of what is right outside our backdoor.  
 We took the bike trail from a few posts ago again, but this time we went the other way.  There is a beautiful water fall about three miles away.  We stopped for a short walk and a snack.
 Peter is such a little daredevil!  That is him, way up there in the blue shirt.  :)
 You can take a path down to the bottom of the waterfall and walk across on the stepping stones.  Such a pretty little hideout tucked away along the trail.

 I just love our drive down Burton Hill to get to our house.  The trees hang over the street and make a lovely canopy that occasionally lets the sun peak through.
 We walk down to the river on foot a lot too.  The kids love to get out of the wagon and strollers here to run and explore.
 I am such a sucker for sun-through-the-trees pictures!  :)
 A cute little bench along the path.  We have taken a few pictures here.  I think the red tree makes this picture extra special.
 We also went to the duck pond.  Wow!  Talk about changing trees!  All the trees around the pond were a blazing gold!
 I just love this little man and how he looks up with that sweet face to tell me the 100th fact about Skylanders or The Hulk.  :)
 Jane definitely has the "epic gaze" down.  Such a little drama queen already.  I love it.
 Justin was so excited to find this big rock on the play place.  He called it the "Lion King Rock".  Justin LOVES Simba.  He spent quite a bit of his time up there.
 For Thanksgiving we made a Thankful Tree.  The leaves all have something written on it that the kids are thankful for ( in their own words!) and the turkeys are a cute little Pinterest craft I found using math facts.  We had such a blessed time crafting together.
One more beautiful picture of the trees...this time from the Botanic Gardens.  Wow, such a pretty time to live in Texas and celebrate our Lord's artwork!


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