Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Osterberg Drive-in

We were supposed to go to the drive in movie theater with some friends...but Justin got sick the night before.  Although he was better the next day we still decided not to risk it and stayed home.  To make up for it I decided to do a craft I had found on Pinterest and was waiting to try.  We turned our living room into a drive in!

 We started out by painting our boxes...er...cars.
 Painting with paint brushes first...
then fingers...
 then forget the boxes, let's paint our BODIES!  Lol, they had a blast.  And an even more fun time running through the sprinklers to wash off!

 We added head lights to our cars and Daddy pushed them around the house to arrive at the 'drive-in'.
 Pull into your parking spaces!  Movie's about to start!
 We rented Honey, I Shrunk the Kids for our movie!  So much fun to watch them watch it.  I loved that movie as a kid.  :)
 During intermission we allowed them to pay for parking and to buy snacks.  Nothing like sneaking in a little bit of school, bwhahaha.  :)

Osterberg Drive In was a success!  We are blessed, even when original plans do not come to pass.  May we trust the Lord even more with our days.


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