Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Osterbergs on Ice

We knew the weather was supposed to be bad, so we got all cozy on Thursday night.  And sure enough, we woke up to SNOW on Friday!! Well, it was almost snow.  Mostly ice.  But it was white.

 Justin just knew that because there was snow that meant it was Christmas.  :)

This picture cracks me up!  Peter was inside rooting for his brother who was outside, on the porch, in a chair, trying to knock down icicles with a broom.  I managed a picture as I ran outside to stop him from falling and knocking out his teeth.  Sheesh.  

 But they got some...and they were yummy.  We were in the house all day on Friday.  We tried to go and get out and it was very dangerous.  Nothing was open and all the roads were very icy.
 SO we came home and watched a movie instead.

Saturday was a little harder.  I wasn't able to go to the store and stock up on groceries before the storm hit.  So our cabinets were very bare.  Brent had to walk to the corner gas station for chips, soda, lunch meat and pancake mix.
 Sunday, Day 3, we even canceled church.  So the kids and I got up and made some homemade donuts for the neighbors.
 We made some cards and Christmas ornaments too.
 Then we slipped and slid all the way across the street and over each way.  The snow looks very pretty but let me tell was hard a concrete and very cold.  It was quite the adventure to deliver our hot breakfast.

 Our neighbor's bush was totally frozen over!
 We made it back home for 'church'.  Brent and I led worship and we had a devotion from the Jesus Storybook Bible.
 After lunch (lunch meat sandwiches and Ramen) we walked to the end of our street to sled down the little hill on Chickfila boxes.  So fun!

 My Texas snowball.  I guess not EVERYTHING is bigger here.

 Our snowman!  We made him and loved him for about 4 minutes....

 ...Until the kids stepped on him.  :)
 We ended out Sunday with a snow ball fight. Daddy got the shovel to have more power.  Doesn't seem quite fair....  :)

 I was finally able to get to the store on Monday and everything was so bare!  Here is where the eggs should have been!  Wow.  So even getting to the store did not get us everything.

What an adventure!  We are so thankful to the Lord that He sustained us and protected us during this potentially dangerous time.  What a picture of our sin being washed as white as snow!  And what a picture of rebirth and regeneration as we watched the beautiful sun come out and bring back the grass.


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