Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Over the weekend we headed out to the state park with some of our good friends, the Lambs. We had actually planned to camp, but with the boys being sick (theirs were sick this week too) and the park being so full we just decided to make a day trip. We had a BLAST!
We brought picnic lunches to enjoy and let the kids explore. We never did figure out what was in the hole. :)

Getting ready for the river!

Peter brought his little bag to collect rocks. :) Grama and Papa Jon will be proud!

The water was cold, but it felt really good! Justin got used to it...

Brent, Peter, Jaxon and Jeff all skipped rocks along the water....

My pal, Laura. :)

Boys being boys. :)

After the river we all decided to go up and let the kids play on the playground...and the adults too.

...and they're OFF!

The diaper change is always such an important part of any trip...

We are so blessed to have such sweet friends!

This pic was actually taken at Taco dude.


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