Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Justin has now been to the ER twice. On Sunday night, actually early Monday morning around 1:00 am, Brent went in to check on Justin and found him to be very, very hot. I checked him too and we decided that his fever was just too high to take a chance (we have no thermometer to be sure) and his little eyes were matted shut with green "gunk". So we put the boys in the car and went to Cook Children's. We were there for about 4 hours. The doctor told us that he had an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. Poor little guy. After we had been there a while though, the tylenol began to help him feel in these pics, he looks happy. It was his 10 month birthday. But we were so blessed to be able to take our son home. My heart goes out to the parents that are told that their baby must be admitted to the hospital and they cannot take him home. Surely God is watching over our children.
Peter was a real tropper too. He had a fever while we were at the hosiptal as well, but I never felt like his was as high...again, no real way to be sure. Justin and Peter are both on antibiotics today and seem to be doing better.

On another note, our garden is going very well....these are some of our tomatoes....when I took this pic I counted 72 tomatoes in the garden total! Yummm!

We decided to plant a tree in the backyard to start getting some shade back there.

Peter is just like his Daddy...always has a face for the camera.


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