Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music Man

Peter is turning out to be quite the little music man! He LOVES it when Brent plays the guitar and he is always dancing and beating on his drum. Grandma gave him a recorder a few months back and tonight while I was cooking dinner, he decided to put on a little 'concert' for me. :) So adorable! I hope he follows in our musical footsteps!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi everybody!!! Did you hear the news? .....
We went to the doctor and found out that the Lord is blessing us with another BOY!! Praise the Lord! We are so excited! Here is a picture of the little guy...he's looking right at the camera, so the two dark dots are his eyes. Sonograms are always such a miracle - we get to take a sneak peak at God's handiwork! :)

So we went to Target and bought a little outfit for our new son...it says "Daddy's rookie" on it. :)

Brent bought me some flowers for speaking at the girl's retreat...aren't they pretty?

I just thought this pic was cute. Peter likes to watch the bus pick up the kids in the morning.