Thursday, July 28, 2011

 Well folks...just three weeks, 21 DAYS until Jane comes.  :)  Here is the latest belly pic.  I can't believe it is so close to the end.  I'm feeling a little nervous about it but I know that the Lord is good and that He will give me all the oceans of grace that I need to handle this.  On a different note...Peter was watching Iron Man on tv and he came running into find me frantically asking me to put on his super suit because he was going to miss the fight.  :)  So we got him into his suit as quickly as possible...
 ...I think the green shoes make the outfit.  :)  So of course Justin came in asking "suit, suit" and pulling at his clothes.  So we got him dressed up as Batman.

 You know that one suit can never last long and soon they were trading and asking to change.  So Justin became Iron Man and Peter chose to be Spiderman.  So fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy birthday, sweet Justin!

 So Justin turned 2 on the 17th.  We just now got to celebrate due to big brother being sick.  :(  But it all worked out ok in the end... Justin looooooves Veggie Tales.  He calls it "Bobby".  It may help you to know that one of the main characters is Bob the Tomato and we think that is where he got this nick name.  So we had a Bobby Birthday.  I think Peter was just as excited as Justin was. :)  Sorry the pics are a bit grainy.  I just now, after taking these pics, found the charger to my good camera.  So I had to take all of these with my phone.

 Justin actually got lots of presents...but I didn't wrap them all. So here he is just opening the few that I did wrap.
 Cake time!  Yum!
 So sweet to share with Daddy.  :)

 "Bobby" cake.  I never claimed to be an yes, he is a little lopsided...oh well.  He tasted good.
Brent getting it all on camera.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Butcher/Osterberg stay-cation!

 My parents came up last week for a staycation...we just stayed around Fort Worth, but found some fun things that were out of the ordinary to get into.  :)  Like dressing up as Star Wars characters!
 It was my mom's birthday last month so we all took her out to dinner to celebrate...Macaroni Grill, yummo!
 Then, as it turns out, the Lord had planned for our air conditioner to go out.  So we decided that we would rather be in a hotel than in a hot house.  I love staying in a hotel!  You can crank down the AC, you don't have to make the bed, and there is usually free breakfast.  :)  Here are my parents and the boys getting an early bite before a morning dip in the hotel pool - oh yeah, another perk!!

 After we checked out of the hotel we went to downtown Weatherford.  We shopped at the little antique shops and had lunch at the charming Yesterday's Cafe.
 The next day (our ac was fixed with only a slight adjustment - praise the Lord!!) we ventured out to Dinosaur Valley.
 Shock!!  The river was totally dried up!  This is the only little patch of water we could find.  I can't believe it was so dry.  I guess that just tells how dry Texas has been lately.

Some of the dino tracks of Dinosaur Valley!  How cool!
 This picture is not funny because Brent slipped and fell right in the water.  But what IS funny is that seconds before he declared what little desire he had to get wet.  :)

 Finding the perfect skipping stone....
 I took all these pics with my iphone due to the fact that I can't find my camera charger.  I bought a new app that give your camera different effects....the one above and below are the result of my experimenting...
 Shopping at Target, of course!
My parent bought Lady Jane a vanity for her room as a new baby gift.  :)  They (mostly mom, honestly!) put it together.  I think it is just adorable - every woman needs a vanity!