Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Thanks

This year, I realized more than ever that I have so much to be thankful for. Right away I think of the obvious things - family, friends, house, food. But this year it meant so much more for me to think of my Savior, Jesus Christ. For the first time in a long time the gospel hit me very hard this fall season. To think that I was a sinner, destined for Hell with out any realization of the state I was in; not knowing who Christ was, not knowing where I was headed, and not caring. I was not seeking God, I was only seeking myself. BUT GOD being so gracious, merciful, and kind found it possible to love me even though I did not love Him. He came to me without me asking for Him first and He saved my by the precious blood of His Son. The perfect sacrifice of Christ was given for me to pay for all of my sin. And now, my sinful life has been wiped clean and when God looks at me He no longer sees me, but Christ. For nothing good I have ever done I now have this alien righteousness that I could not earn. What an unspeakable gift, and what a thing to be thankful for. I realize this holiday season, that if it were not for God sending His son, and were it not for the obedience of that Son, I would be living still for myself, for things that do not matter and I would be heading for a place where there is no rest and no hope. Thank you, thank you Father for the gift of your Son!
I am so thankful also, for a husband that continues to point me to the Word, who continues to remind me that God should be central, and for a son of my own that I get to proclaim the excellencies of Christ to for as long as he lives!

Thanksgiving with Brent's side

After we spent time with my family we went over to the Osterberg's for dinner - yep, two turkey dinners in a row! Yummo! We had a great time at the O's house with Brent's parents, sister and her boyfriend, Gramma, Aunt, Uncle and cousin. The food was great - thank you Aunt Rhonwyn for the gooey pumpkin cake! - but the being together was the best part. We played a game together and had lots of laughs.It is always Buddy's job to carve the turkey - what a pro!

The Osterbergs also took me out for my birthday after a long morning of shopping on Black Friday! :)

Doug already had the Christmas lights up - it was just the right thing to get us all into the holiday spirit! Peter loved to look at the bright lights and he even tried to get them in his mouth.

Thanksgiving with Keri's side

This year it was the Butcher/Murrell side that we went to first. We got to Houston about 11:00 on Wednesday morning and stayed with my parents. We had a great time going to the park and then out to eat for my birthday, which is December 1st. Thanksgiving Day we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house (Diane and Larry) for our yummy lunch of turkey and all the fixin's. My cousin, Sara and her husband and kiddos were there too along with my sister. It was such a blessing to get to spend time with the people God has given to us!
My cousin, Sara, and I always make the stuffing together. This year, we let the grandmas play with the kids and my sister, Sara, and I put the meal together.......
....but as tradition would have it, my talented mom still carved the bird! :)
We went outside and let the kids play in the was a beautiful fall day!
Simeon, Peter, Elijah and Moriah all posed for a pic - aren't they sweet!
The men all had to sit down after all that yummy food!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little of everything

Among many things, this week's blog is to wish my dad Happy Birthday! His birthday is today, Nov. 11th! We love you Papa Jon!! After Peter did so well outside at the church, we took him to the park over the weekend. Peter got to ride on the swing for the very first time! He loved it and laughed and squealed the whole time. :)

Brent and I read books out loud to each other...Peter played in the leaves while we finished up our book. I love to hear Brent read - he does a great job with the different character's voices.

Also, Peter was dedicated to the Lord this weekend. This is a picture of us with Pastor Dan. This was just a public profession that Brent and I are going to do all that we can to ensure that Peter grows up learning about God and how to live his life for the glory of the Father. Peter even received a certificate.
I thought it quite fitting to take a picture of Peter next to the offering plates. He is, after all, something that was given to us as a gift and that we are giving back to the Lord as a living sacrifice.

Friday, November 9, 2007


On Fridays, Peter and I take luch to Brent at the church and Ms. Dana gets to play with Peter....we call it "Fun Friday". This week, after we ate lunch I took Peter out to the playground. This was the first time Peter really played outside. I have taken him outside to sit with me, but this is the first time he was able to sit up and "explore" things on his own. He got to touch a tree, taste the dirt, and stomp his feet on the playground's slide. It was a beautiful, hot day! (especially for Nov.) In my quiet time this morning I meditated on the wonders of creation and our amazing, wise Lord (Proverbs chapter 8) and this was a perfect oportunity for me to experience creation first hand with my son.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mystery of sleepless nights solved!

On October 31, Peter cut his first tooth! My friend, Rachael, was holding him and told me that she could feel his tooth. I told her that he didn't have any teeth, but she said she was sure she could feel one when he sucked on her finger. When we got home, I held Peter on my lap and got the flashlight out. Sure enough! There was his first little toothy poking through! Wow! Next he'll be growing a beard and asking to borrow the car. :) Isn't the human body so wonderfully made?! What an awesome Creator we have that can orchestrate our bodies to do such amazing things!