Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big changes

A few pretty big changes happening to us right now....first litte Justin has started to sit up! With my help of course. :) There are a lot of pics...they were all to cute to narrow it down.

I love how his little feet are blurry in this one...he was just about to tip over!

On his back this is what he little pilates man. :)

Next....Peter has moved to his big boy bed! His crib converts to a toddler bed so we let him help us take it apart and get it ready. (The pics are out of order, sorry)

This is the finished product. I took this one after he fell asleep. I put another mattress we had down on the floor to ensure that he didn't roll off and hurt himself. :)

This one is right after we were done. He kept raising his hand and saying "I love this!" :)

Handy man giving his expert help....
It's off! Yay!

Please pray for us as we make these transitions with our little ones...God is so good and he listens to and answers prayers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Science Museum!

We had a great time going to the museum that just got redone here in Ft Worth...and we bought passes so we get to go back!

They had an exhibit of old toys...guess what Peter found! Cars!
They had a place in the kid's part where you get to dress up like a doctor, drive and ambulance and take care of newborn babies....Peter is weighing his little patient...

...and giving him a bath.....
....driving the ambulance...

...and giving out shot. Too cute.

Digging for dino bones!

J-man. :) He is so sweet....and he loves to be out and about!

One room was exploring light and shadow...Peter and I played with a Light Bright! Brings you back, doesn't it?!

Does life bet better than a big, green pick-up truck?

Wouldn't be Ft Worth without a tribute to the cowboy!

They had a cool traveling exhibit where you get to solve crimes and be a CSI investigator. Pretty cool.

Planiterium!!! My favorite part to any museum! Pand J both fell asleep....even more enjoyable for us. :)

In the kid's part they also had a place where you can shop and pick out food. Peter said this was his favorite part. I wonder can't be because we live at Wal-mart. Hehe.

Dress up!

No day is complete without a train table in Peter's opinion.

Peter could sit in the big dino foot print.

My little scientist.

Dino! Grrrr!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'll bet that you thought I have forgotten that I have a blog. I am so very sorry that it has been so long since you have seen some new pics! Currently Brent is in Wisconsin and he has taken my memory chip with pics on it with you must wait a little longer for new pictures.
God is being very merciful to us...Justin is still not sleeping well at night, but we are confident that our good God is up to good things and this sleep-deprived state is all for our joy and His glory. Will you pray for us in this matter?
Peter is learning the words to "Jesus Loves Me" and has recently become taken with monster truck races. :) Justin will be 6 months old this week and besides not sleeping, he is doing very well. Brent and I continue to enjoy our church, friends, family and each other with the love God has given us. To Him be the glory!
I promise more pictures soon - love to you all!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful holiday time enjoying our families and our salvation in Christ Jesus...
Aunt Courtney, Peter and Nana on Christmas morning.

Courtney and Marty got Peter a cool chair for tv watching, look how comfy he is!

One night we went out to dinner for a great time and yummy food!

We also got to visit with Brent's cousin Tyler and his sweet family. They bought Peter a nerf gun...what fun!

Peter and Calynn prepare to exchange presents...isn't she a doll!?

On Christmas day we went to my sister's place in Sommerville due to the fact that she had to be on call at the vet clinic. She lives on some property in a refurbished Peter calles her "Farmer Jessica". :D We make cookies every the matching aprons that Mom made when we were kids. :)

Jess got a new camera for Christmas - works like a dream!

Peter and his "Memaw". :)

Peter helps Papa Jon open his present.

We got to spend some time with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin Sara and fam. We hung out at Mickey D's and had lunch and fellowship.
The kids - Simeon with Azariah, Elijah, Moriah, Peter and Justin.

My parents with my Uncle Larry and Aunt Diane.

Brent and me with my cousin Sara and hubby, Frank. We loved seeing the Murrells and Aragons - a tradition we wouldn't ever want to miss!