Friday, June 24, 2011

Osterberg and Davis vacation in Austin

 This past weekend we went to Austin with Nana, Pa, Courtney, Marty and the four of us.  We had a great time as you will soon see...
 When we first got there we hit the pool.  It was nap time and Justin just couldn't hang.
 But we gave him some chocolate cake at dinner and he perked right up.
 On the Colorado River.
 There was an opportunity for kids to ride a pony.  Justin was too small to ride but he loved petting and talking to the pony.  If you ever hear him do his pony noise you will agree that it is one of the cutest things ever.
 Peter got to actually ride.  He wasn't too sure at first, but after we told him he looked like Indiana Jones he became brave.
 Then Daddy got to ride a horse.  They made him ride in the very back because they told him that they gave him the rowdy "dominant male".  Sheesh.
 Relaxing by the of the best treats for a pregnant lady is to float!  Feels so good on the feet and lower back!

 Of course my Justin found the rocks.

 We went into Austin and rode the Zilker Zephyr; a little train that runs around the park.  It was so hot so Nana bought us sno cones......mmmmmmm.

 I love Justin's face in this picture.  I think he's saying "choo-choo".  :)

 The ride back to the hotel was full of hills and Justin started saying "woohoo" and holding his hands in the air.
 Ahhh, back to the cool water.

 My little dare devil.  He became very accomplished at holding his breath and swimming under water.  He even coined the move the "rolly poly" where he would hold his breath and curl into a ball under the water.

 31 weeks!  It won't be long before we get to meet Lady Jane!

 Peter got one of the biggest lollipops ever....
 I love this pic....watching early morning cartoons in Momma and Daddy's bed.
Downtown Bastrop had a soda fountain....great way to cool off!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teeball time

 Peter is loving his tee-ball experience.  Here are some great photos that my sis took at one of his recent games.  You can see him above in the grey shorts, about to enter the pile-up.  :)
 Getting some encouragement from Daddy as we change to bat.

 This is how Momma and Justin spend game time.  In the shade, feeding Justin any snack that distracts him from wanting to get down and play.
 Peter in line to bat...he really doesn't like that helmet.

 Last minute tips from Coach Mark...
 ...and a great swing!
 Go Peter, GOOO!
 He's back in out field, waiting for the ball.  He does best when he plays "pitcher".
 He is really good at stopping the ball and getting it to first.  Signature "Peter play".  :)
 Getting the ball to throw to first.....Brent cracks me up in this one!  :)
 "Great play, Mr. Peter!"
 Throwing to first again.  He was throwing underhand so Brent taught him how to throw "bear claw".....overhand that is.
 Another great swing!  Good form, Pete!

The team.  Aren't they all so cute in their hats?!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!, sort of.

 Some of our friends gave us a kite for Peter to fly.  He was so excited and talked about it for days before we went out to the church field to fly it.
 We put it together....

 ...felt for the wind... a running start...(dramatic pause) and nothing happened.  Nothing.  We couldn't get it off the ground!  Brent and I both tried for a good hour and it never left for the skies.  We couldn't believe that we were not able to do this!  I mean, we see kids on tv and at the park flying kites, why couldn't we?  Oh well.  Peter has never really seen a kite fly high in the sky so he thought it was very cool just to run with it.... he did.  And had a blast.  :)