Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love summer!! We took Peter and Justin to the sno cone truck for a treat. :)

"It's BLUE!!"

The shirt came off to save us the mess.....

Even Little J got a bite. He loved it. :)


This is hilarious. Peter was on such a sugar high when we came home! We ended up taking off his pants too to save them from getting blue dye on them.....and when we got home he found my sunglasses and proceeded to run around the house squealing and showing off. SO funny.....I guess that is what a sugar overload will do to you! Hahaha!

Soooo close!

I love this! I came around the corner to check on them and found this. Isn't it so sweet how they love to play together?! I Love my boys.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Osterberg Family vacation

We got to take a wonderful vacation with Brent's family last week. We went to the Wild Oak Ranch in San Antonio, Texas and had a great time!
The landscaping was beautiful! I loved looking at all the pretty flowers.

There were little pavilions set up that we were able to roast marshmellows in one night and make smores.

We had our usual tradition of getting manicures and pedicures....this is a VACATION to me! Haha.

My sweet boy. He loves to play and hide his face. He is just getting so big!

Inside the swimming area you could shoot cannons....or slide down the water slide. Both were very fun!

Peter did such a great job swimming. As long as he had his vest on, he was a little fish!

Floating in the lazy river....

So silly....doesn't he look so tan?!

Next on the trip was Natural Bridge Caverns. According to Brent I tend to "geek out"....I just love stuff like this!

Getting ready to hike down....

That looks really small....I don't know if I could have crawled through that!

Justin just hung out with me the whole time...I think he liked it too.

Down we go!

This is the "Sherwood Forest".

Soda Straw formations....this is looking up at the thin little stalactites.

The "Watch Tower"

We named the formation on the left the "jellyfish"....the formation on the far right is the "Chandelier"

"Emerald Lake"

The sign says "Grendel's Canyon". Hahaha! Anyone read "Beowulf"?

This was just so beautiful. To think we walk around up here and all of this is going on below our feet!! We asked Peter,"Who made all of this?" To which he replied, "God did!" :)

After the caverns, the more adventurous of the group went off the zip line. :)