Sunday, September 30, 2012

Isn't nature grand?!

We have been learning about pictographs in school and about the terms 'more' and 'few' when my text book suggested that the class go on a nature walk and collect leaves to categorize, I jumped all over the opportunity!  We went to Botanic Gardens and took a nature walk.

 We found the spot where Brent and I had our prayer date a few days before Justin was born. Among many things we prayed for his safe delivery and for our family ties to be strengthened.  Just look how the Lord has provided!
 My big helpers!

 There was a wonderful opportunity to practice matching the shapes of the leaves we found with the ID photos.  Peter did really well!
 Haha.  Little J!
 We found these crazy looking things....what are they?  Not persimmons...or apples....some kind of berry/nut/seed off the tree.
 Later that week it it POURED!  The boys ran around the yard for about 30 minutes, then decided that towels and watching a movie sounded better...or at least warmer.

 Peter has learned to write his name!  I'm so proud!  He still needs some prompting as to which letter comes next, but he gets it!
Lady has discovered the wonderful world of Chick-fil-a milkshakes!  Mmmmmmm.  We are praising the Lord for nature, leaves, rain, and taste buds!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Busy week!

Yay!  Peter and Justin have both earned their vests for AWANA.  They had to say certain verses of the Bible from memory to their leaders to earn the vest.  It was crazy hair night so we gave them a coat of paint. :)
 School is going great!  Today we actually took a little field trip after our formal lessons.  We went to the museum.

 Peter ran up to the hands-on display of the type writer and said with satisfaction, "Look!  I'm counseling!".  So funny!  I guess he hears Brent talking about how he counsels people with the Bible at work?  Not sure where, but Peter has picked up the terminology.
 The light display was really fun too!  There were even shapes and writing tablets that glowed in the dark. We got to practice our shape-naming and writing our letters outside the 'classroom'.
Justin loves this little dino....he calls it the Baby.  So cute!  

 Who's that pretty baby?
 I let the boys pick a toy from the gift shop because I had a gift card.  They picked out binoculars...we are really into spies and espionage right now.  It probably has something to do with the fact that Brent told them the epic adventures of Jason Bourne at bedtime a few weeks ago.  LOL.  So the boys peaked around corners all the way to the van to ensure the ladies' safe arrival.

 We surprised the boys tonight by getting in the car as soon as Brent got home and going to buy the new Avengers movie on DVD.  They were beyond excited! was I.  :)
Of course we had to pull out all of the super heroes we own to watch the movie with us.  Jane was no exception to the craziness!

Monday, September 17, 2012

This week

So the park near our house had it's ribbon cutting ceremony.  We went down to meet some of the people in the neighborhood.  They had balloons, snacks, and even the News 8 camera man (although we never saw it on tv...)

 Wednesday we had our baking day.  Sorry about the "bare bellies".  That's house the boys lounge around these days.  We made cookie-brownie-candybar-surprise muffins....
 Place and bake cookies go in first...then Reese peanut butter cups, then brownie batter.  Yumo!  But you can feel your major organs shutting down one by one as you chew.  Lol.
 The finished product.  Silly boy
 To reinforce shapes we had a scavenger hunt to find the different shapes around the house.  I think it helped...and we had a blast.
 Finding squares....
Jane had officially shunned jar food.  She only has one bottom tooth and one fang tooth but she still wants to eat real food.  So we have to cut it up really small since she swallows it whole.  :)
Our craft for the week...Fall trees made from tp rolls and pencil erasers dipped in paint.  Justin's, mine, and Peter's.  :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ch, ch, ch,CHANGES!

Big news!  Not just for Peter, but for me as well.  Today, September 5, 2012, was our first day of school!  We did pre-k last year, but this year is kindergarten.  We are no longer Bush League...haha!  Anyway, I digress.... So we started our day by going outside to check the weather (to record on our froggy weather chart) and we prayed to give our time to the Lord.  We are only doing math this week, easing in slowly, see?  Peter learned about circles...

 ..He had lots of encouragement from brother.  Justin had his own little "school books" but he preferred to watch Peter.  :)
 I had so much fun decorating our school wall.  You can't see our lovely alphabet banner...maybe later.  But the teacher in me (I do have my teaching degree for those of you who do not know) really had a field day.  I loved putting up all of the decorations and organizing the desk.  Peter loved the wall too.  He wrapped me in a big hug and said, "Thank you for my school stuff, Mommy!"  He is so sweet.
 Here is his first ever school worksheet!  There is a back too...but you only get to see the front.  He did the furthest circle to the right first, then the middle, then the left.  He was excited that he could see improvement just in that short effort.  So was I.  :)
 In other, but related, news....Peter and Justin have started AWANA at church.  This is a scripture memory program that involves the kids going to age appropriate class and having crafts,games, snacks, Bible lessons, and scripture memory incentive.  Peter got to pick out his very own Bible to take with him.  He was so proud.  The kids loved their class and we have already memorized our verse for this next week.  Peter is a Spark....
 ....and Justin is a Cubbie.  :)  Here is J-man giving me the thumbs-up before I dropped him off.
 And here is Peter outside of the Spark room.
 I just had to add these...Justin drew the above picture.  He told me it was Gollum falling into the lava.  (I love that my kids are already Tolkien fans!)
Peter drew this one.  He told me it was planets with wind storms.  :)  Thank you all for reading this long post while I brag on my lovelies.  I plan to do craft with the kids every Tues, cook every Wed, read every Thurs, and minister every stay tuned for more school posts to share in our adventures!  We appreciate your prayers as we enter this new phase of life that God has so graciously brought to us.