Wednesday, January 22, 2014


As tradition would have it, we smashed our pumpkins on New Years Day.  This is something Brent and I started doing way back when we were dating - about 14 years ago.  It has been fun to watch the kids grow into the tradition too and look forward to it.  They had a good time using their Lil' Slugger bats.  

 Jane hit one a few times too, but she preferred to pose for pictures instead.

On New's Years Eve we stayed home due to me still not feeling well from the flu.  But we started a new tradition.  Throughout the year last year I wrote down things that happened and the date.  I wrote down big and little things.  Things that would remind us of that happened.  We read things such as "Peter lost his first tooth!", "Left for California", "Jane walked!" and "Justin earned Cubbie Bear!"  Such a tearful and blessed time of remembering how the Lord moved in our lives over the past 12 months.  I intend on keeping the tradition alive this year too.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Yummy (and Furry) Little Christmas

Catching up on the Christmas posts....We spent Christmas day with my mom's sister and her family. Here are the Osterbergs, Butchers, and McCorkles!

 We got all the kids to stand together and smile!  My cousin's children and mine...Peter, Elijah, Simeon, Moriah, Justin and Azariah....with Jane down in front.  :)  They all had a great time playing outside...
 ....until it was time to make cookies!  We have been making cookies ever since I can remember.  I am so excited that my own kids are now part of the tradition.
 Peter learning from the Master Baker -  Gramma.  :)
 Roll out the dough, use the cookie cutters, and decorate!

 Yum!  I just love that proud little smile!
 The sisters and their granddaughters.  Love.
 While we were there we went back to Rudy' of my favorite BBQ places in Texas!
 Part of my parent's present to the kids was a trip to Build a Bear!  Woohoo! I cannot count the times we have passed by the bright and inviting store while the kids have begged to go inside.  They were elated!
 Step one - pick out your fury friend.
 Step 2 -Fill him with stuffing.
 Don't forget his little heart!
 Step 3 - bathe your friend and get him all squeaky clean.

 Step 4 - name your buddy and print off a birth certificate.
Jane picked Pinky the Penguin, Peter had Hot Wheel the Iron Man Bear, and Justin made Dusty the Polar Bear.  What a wonderful time!  Such fun memories...the kids are still sleeping with and toting around their Build a Bears.  Thank you Gramma and Pa Jon! :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Post

Ok, so this is a little late.  I still have more Christmas pics to post, but this is the first batch.  Please forgive the lateness of them but we have been very ill with ear infections, strep throat (twice) and the flu.  Yikes.  But God is good and gave us the strength to endure and for now we are well.  

We went down to Houston for the Christmas holiday.  First we saw the Osterberg side of the family.  We did a little shopping...

 ...and had some yummy meals together.

 On Christmas Eve we went over to Aunt Rhonwyn and Uncle Buddy's house.  It was a very special year because all the cousins and their kids could come!  Well, we were missing the SouthLake Osterbergs...but still, this is the most family we have had together in a while.  The kids all had a great time playing together.  It was so sweet to see them making friends!
 Peter and Calynn especially hit it off.  :)
 Here is the gang!  We had a PJ party 'for the kids'.  :)  But I think most of the adults had a great time with the excuse to wear pjs too.  Haha!
 Christmas morning we opened presents with Brent's parents and the Davis family.  Jane is finally understanding the concept of ripping the paper and the boys always have such energetic reactions.  It was so fun to watch them!
 Justin got a pair of Hulk Hands....these were very high on his list; he was very pleased!

 It was Bryce's first Christmas!  What a sweet little blessing he is.  We enjoyed seeing him walk around and clap his hands. :)  Such wonderful memories!
 Peter and Justin still in pjs before we changed to go to Gramma's house.  (More on that soon)
We are so thankful for Doug and Nancy!  God has blessed us with a family that reflects His own love.