Saturday, May 9, 2009

This weekend we went to a "pick your own farm" that my friend, Annie found. Strawberries happen to be in season, which is perfect because this pregnancy has me CRAVING anything strawberry!
I was amazed at how quickly Peter picked up on the concept. He loved pulling off the little red berries and putting them in our bucket.
Peter and one of his friends that came, Danielle. Peter sweetly calls her "Danyo". :)


Brent really got into it as well. We had such a great time walking up and down the rows picking the pretty little fruits.

Whenever we wanted to take a picture of Peter, he wanted to reach down and pick up a strawberry to hold. He would hold it out as he said "cheeeeeese!"

The girls, Stephanie, Me (29 weeks prego) and Annie (16 weeks prego). :) Our good friends Laura and Wendy came too...they must have been somewhere with their boys.

Yum! The best part was eating our picks. They were so sweet!

Look at that beautiful color! Our Creator certainly has a wonderful paint brush! :)