Monday, March 28, 2011

Big weekend!

 First of all, Brent turned 30 over the weekend! Such a big birthday to celebrate!  Peter and I made him a banner and birthday brownies.  :)

 The candles melted....oops.  Should have taken the pic first.  But you get the idea.
 Justin trying to smile with a mouth full of brownie....

The next big event is that we had our second sonogram that revealed that we are in fact expecting a GIRL!  I know!!  I am so excited and thankful to the Lord for the precious gift of another life. 
 So of course we had to go to Target and buy her something pink....ballet shoes seemed fitting.  :)  We have decided to name our sweet baby Jane Charlotte Osterberg.  Jane is after Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen of England that was beheaded for her faith in God.  Her biography is wonderful, convicting and very God honoring.  We hope that our Jane stands strong in the faith no matter the circumstances.  Plus the name actually means "God is gracious"....and He IS!  Charlotte is not after anybody, we just thought it was sweet, old-fashioned and girly.  It actually means "small petite woman with feminine features".  :)
 Here is me from my favorite angle....  :)
 Here she is lying on her left side and looking right at the the big black space on the far right is her forehead and the two black spaces beneath that are her eyes.
 Yep, no mistake....
Sweet Lady Jane, we love you so much already!!  Praise the Lord for His grace and kindness toward our family.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini vacation to Fredericksburg!

This past week we were so blessed to have my parents stay with the kids while Brent and I went to Fredericksburg.  This was part of my birthday present back in December but we wanted to wait for better weather and shopping conditions.  :)  We ate at a cool brewery for lunch the first day, Brent had cheddar-ale soup.  So yummy!

 And what day is complete without a visit to the local icecream/candy store?  Definitely a highlight.
 On Main Street....tons of cute little stores.  I found some really neat things for our new decorating scheme.
 The antique stores were really neat as well.  This is a huge antique store that had only old books in the basement.
 Our cute little room.  We stayed at Haven Inn in Comfort, TX just about 30 minutes outside Fredericksburg.
 This was some of the best pizza I have ever had.  It was just a little hole in the wall place with only out door seating.  It was called Fredericksburg Pizza Kitchen.  Going back here for sure.
 On the deck in the morning...great view, great coffee, great time to relax!
 View of the front of the B&B...
 Again, some of the best food ever!  Man, those country women can cook!!
 We went to the Settler's Museum.  This was called a "Sunday House" because the early farmers only came in town on the weekend to get supplies and go to church.  They needed a small place to stay while in town, thus the Sunday Houses were established.

 Cute little school house...reminded me of Anne of Green Gables.  :)

 Old barber shop...Brent is laughing at the maniquin.  We have something of a history with those...ask us sometime.  :)
 Replica of the oldest city building in Frederickburg.  It was originally in the middle of Main Street and was used as the town hall, church, and school.
 Here is an old pic of the above building....this was the towns 50th year parade and celebration.
 Behind the B&B.  This is the Guadalupe River.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I bought a bubble machine for the backyard and the kids loved it!  And I love that I don't have to stand there and get dizzy blowing the bubbles.  :)

The kids had been playing outside all sorry about the huge mess in the yard! 

Our pear tree is in full spring bloom right now.  It was so pretty that I cut off a few branches and brought them into our bedroom to brighten up the space. 
Here is the tree pretty!

Our friends gave us a Mr Potato Head.  I hadn't let Peter play with it yet, but he found it when I cleaned out the closet.  He did really well playing with it, here is his creation!
Good morning!  My sweet baby.  :)