Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hi everyone! Here are just a few pics. We are in the middle of painting our bedroom (pics of that later), packing for the holidays and just managing life with two little boys! Justin is 4 months old! We get to start food at the end of the month! :)

More bath time pics! Peter loves to have a little puddle of shaving cream to smear around the tub as he plays...and hey, it even makes things a little cleaner in the process - win, win situation!

He is getting to look like such a big trace of baby here!

"P" is for Peter!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Osterberg family vacation to Arkansas!

Petite Jean State Park was our destination. We were so blessed to have the chance to go on a trip! We had a wonderful week of enjoying God and enjoying each other. With a few minor exceptions, we were safe, uninjured and healthy - Praise the Lord!
We started out our trip with breakfast at McDonalds. This was a tradition in my family growing up and it is great to carrying it on! :) Peter got another Astro Boy toy....he loves the movie!

We made it across the state line!

Are we there yet?

We took a different route to get to Petit way of Highway 7. It is rated one of the top 5 fall drives in the U.S. It was so amazing to see God's handiwork, praise Him for His creation and awesome creativity. (The pictures really don't come close to capturing the affect, but you get the idea)

Our little room! We were very, uh, snug. :) But it was nice to be able to turn off the light, flush the toilet, and open the window all without getting out of bed. Ha ha.

The breakfast at the Lodge was so yummy! We enjoyed sitting and sipping hot coffee, beholding the view, and eating pancakes the size of Brent's head. :)

View from the lodge...

Peter was quite the little explorer. He just loves being outside, crashing through leaves and throwing rocks. :)

We went into Little Rock one day to see what we could see....

Little Rock is known for the River Market. You can enjoy many different ethnic foods and they have a farmer's market on the weekends. A very cool dining experience! This is outside....

...and this is the inside.

We rode the downtown trolley car -it was the best way to see the city. We got to ride all around and have the tour guide tell us about the hot spots. Saved us a lot of time!

Waiting for the trolley...

boarding the trolley....

Enjoying the trolley!

The trolley also took us over the Arkansas River to North Little Rock.

This is the common room to the lodge.

This is the view from the lodge. If you look closely you can see the changing colors all the way up the mountain side!

The backside of the lodge - view from where I was just standing in the previous pic. :)
Our room - good ol' 105.

More exploring...I remember climbing on these rocks as a kid...we used to call them 'turtle rocks' because they look like the backs of giant turtles. :)

It just isn't fall without a tumble in the leaves.

This is the view from one of the parks scenic overlooks.

The gravesite of Petite Jean and the park's namesake. (Took this one for you, Mom!) :)

The sunsets were spectacular!

Peter still fits in his pack n play...barely.

These pics are a little out of order...this is Little Rock again....check out the size of this leaf Peter found!

Arkansas River! Below.....

...and above.

We were brave enough to hike the park's most famous trail...the Cedar Falls trail. We strapped on the kids and ventured the 2 mile hike.

Almost there, we could hear the rushing water and literally feel the drop in temp.

Stopped for a diaper change....

So amazing to see nature and worship the Creator. We got to see some really cool specimens!

Nothing beats a snack of rice krispy treats. :)

We made it to the falls! The scene was just breathtaking. If creation is this gorgeous, how much more beautiful God Himself must be!!

View of the same waterfall from the top.

On the road again...stopped for lunch at Craker Barrel.

So good to be back in Texas!!