Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peter is FOUR!

 So my little guy turned four.  Wow how time flies!  :)  Many of you know that Peter has a love of race we decided to take him to Texas Motor Speedway for a behind-the-scenes tour.  We started off the day with a blue donut.

 During the day so many of you called to wish him a happy day.  On the phone in this pic is Aunt Jessica and Uncle Shawn.  Thank you everybody for calling, it made him feel so special all day.
 Start your engines!
We got to take a guided tour in a 15 passenger van...
 ...with no kids seats, which made Peter very excited.
 The guide drove us around the track....we got up to 100 miles per hour!!

 This is the winner's circle...and all the plaques that honor the past winners of the races.

 We got to go up to one of the specialty suites to see the track from above.  Pretty cool.

After the race track we went for pizza and video games.
 At home, Brent and I decorated while Peter was down for his quiet time.  Hard to see in this pic, but Peter requested a Star Wars we had balloons, napkins, cups, table clothe and wrapping paper that all reflected the theme.
 I had a great time making his cake for him...he wanted a blue Star Wars here is my take on the Jedi Temple.  :)
 Holding up four fingers.  :)

His presents were all super heros and Thor's hammer....I think Brent and I loved the toys just as much as Peter. Boy, we are all a group of nerds!  :)

 The "4" candle on top was actually a sparkler.  Very fun to watch!

Mmmm, blue icing!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Flamingo-inspired dance.  :)
Not too sure about the dinosaurs...
...yes dinosaurs.  A special traveling exhibit at the zoo...they move and growl and everything.  :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun in the sun? Why not!

 Well, first let me just brag on my vegetables....we already have 6 tomatoes in our garden!  Yum!  And they are all so pretty and green.  Won't be long until we can eat 'em.
 It hasn't quite been hot enough for the although Peter has been asking to run in the water, we haven't yet.  But today it was just so the lower 90's....that I set it up for the kids.  Justin was such a little guy last year and he wasn't this was his first time in the sprinkler.  He thought it was a hoot!  He kept running in circles shouting "whoa, whoa, whoa!!"  :)  So fun.