Sunday, October 30, 2011

More tball pics....Peter played catcher this game.  Too cute to not take a pic.  :)

 This is how Justin fell asleep the other night.  So funny...he just sits up and plays and plays until he crashes.
 Pa and Nana came for a visit.  We hung out a lot in the backyard.  The weather is finally nice enough and we have that awesome new swing set!

 2011 Blue Knights!

 Uncle Shawn got to come to a game and cheer Peter on!  So wonderful to have family in the stands showing Peter the love.  :)
 While Pa and Nana were in town we went and had a yummy dinner with GG, Randy, Tobin, Faith, Jaxon and our family.  It was so fun to get the group together.

 Nana and Pa stayed in a hotel down the street.  They had a huge bath tub in the middle of their room!  So of course, the boys took a swim.
 Go Rangers!  We took this pic before game 7...we were really pulling for them to win, and most of you know that they didn't....but we still love our team and will keep cheering for them!
Random silliness.  Peter called me into the bathroom and hid his face.  When I walked in he turned around and showed me his face to try and scare me....he totally got me!  Little booger.  :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I always love our trip to the pumpkin patch.  It has this certain charm about it and we love being outdoors.  Maybe it is also because I love pumpkins so much.  :)
 There is a section that has many beloved are a few favorites...

 Justin's first time in a bounce house.  He loved it!  I was a little nervous, but he did great.
 Peter just gets braver each year....
 Pumpkin house!  We love to take our pictures here....
 Justin either wanted to sit on them or try and pick them up.

 There was a little "jail house"....don't let the sorrowful expression fool you, they were acting for the camera!

 ...of course.

 Brent really like Finnias and Ferb.  (I have no idea if I spelled that right)  It cracks me up that he wanted his pic taken with them....and no kids are to be found.  :)
 Snow cone break!
 Aaaw.  Little pumpkin.  We tried to sit her up more, but she wouldn't have it.

 Yay, train ride!  Peter got to sit by himself this year since I couldn't take Jane.  He's just getting so big!

 Hayride....must always do the hayride.

They each got to pick a little friend to take home.  Justin named his "Baby"  (I think) and Peter named his "Jake".  (He names everything Jake these days, not sure why.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

My family got to come in town a few weekends back to visit and see Peter play t-ball.We had such fun, as you will see...  :)
 Jess and Shawn got to meet us for a few meals...always adding life to the party!
 Hahahahahaha...silly Dad!  Love it.

 The girls.  :)

 We took my parents to "Robot Park".  It's one of our favorites!
 We also rode the Trinity Park train!  Woohoo!

 Then on to t-ball.  Peter got to play "pitcher" this game.  So adorable!  I posted a lot of the pics (thanks, Dad for being my photographer!) I just couldn't pick the cutest one!