Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hail...lots of hail

 So last week we had one of our famous "North Texas Hail Storms".  The spring is known for these storms that contain hail, lots of rain and sometimes a tornado.  I am not a good severe weather person.  I have been known to crouch and cry in closets and to sleep clutching a flash light.  Over the years, with the help of my husband and a closer walk with Jesus, I have come to control most of my anxiety.  I now sit on the couch smiling and twisting my hands....which is a step up, believe me.  So, last week when this storm came through, I held it together pretty well and even laughed with the kids when the ice started pelting the ground, cars and house.  There was a break in the storm and we went out to look at the sky.  Peter and Justin ran around eating the hail and thinking it was a blast.  I hope they always think of it that way and not the way I do!

Peter kept running around exclaiming "I LOVE this!"  Silly boy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ok. Time to get out...

 Sorry this isn't the best pic....but here is a rough idea of the baby bump at 26 weeks.  :)

 Yesterday Peter had a particularly disgusting potty training accident, Justin was very fussy and I was just (in my favorite phrase) "done".  So I decided on the spot, its time to get out. So we drove through Sonic, got some dollar menu items and headed to Botanic Gardens.  My kids always seem to act better when we are out of the house.  We had a great time talking about all God had made and walking on the board walk.  This has to be one of my top 5 favorite places ever.
 Peter showing off his mad jumping skills.

 And Justin found a stick, so all was right with the world.  He loves his sticks.

 They took turns screaming "I am THOR!!" into the 'telephones'.  :)  Peter's idea....Peter loved the movie and Justin loves to copy Peter.
 Peter actually took this one...not bad for a 4 year old!
 I just thought this one was cute...he took a pic of his feet.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring has sprung

 So it's time to do the annual egg hunt!  We do not do this on Easter weekend as we do not want to do anything to take away from the death and resurrection of our Savior.  Therefore, we hunt our eggs on the weekend after.  The kids....well, Peter at least, had a great time.  Peter found almost all of the eggs that Brent hid.  He proclaimed himself to be a "good seeker".  :)

 After Justin realized that there was candy in the eggs he lost all interest in hunting and just wanted to eat.

 So it is the end of the year for Cubbies.  I was the Cubbie director for this year and it was Peter's first time to be in the program.  What fun we had!  So here is the end of the year awards ceremony...all the kids that completed the first book received a cubbie bear to put on their vest.  So cute.  We are so proud of our Cubbie!

 This spring is also the start of Peter's first teeball team!  He is a member of the Rangers.  Hehe, so adorable.  He got a pair of cleats, a jersey and a hat.  He did a great job!