Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mummy's little man

I just couldn't resist posting some of our latest pics. This was last Sunday - Peter's first time to wear real shoes, not just booties. Doesn't he look like a little man?! I can't believe how fast he is growing. We are going down to Houston this coming week to see Brent's parents - please pray for our safe travel and that we would be encouraging to our family as we are down there. Brent and I held a youth event for the kids at church last night and it went very well. We are so excited that God is using us as tools in these young lives. How humbling and what an amazing responsibility! Brent preached last weekend and I think he was used in a wonderful way. He will be preaching again in August, please keep him in your prayers that he would bring the Word of God to the people in a true and convicting way!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I wonder where he gets it....

For anyone who knows Brent, or has had at least one converstion with him, can understand full well why we lovingly call him "Rubber Face". He is the man of 1000 faces..... just ask Gramma Marillas! So it was no surprise to me when Peter started to come up with a new face for every picture. I wonder where he gets it.... But I will say this, having a husband and now a son that can contort their faces in many different ways sure makes scrapbooking a lot of fun!

July Update

We are getting back into the swing of things around here....just in time for another vacation to see Brent's family in Houston for a week! I love not having an official "full time job". (Any mother will tell you that parenting IS still a full time job!!) Peter is becoming such a big boy. His dearest ambition is to fit his whole foot, or fist, into his mouth. :) He's gotten pretty close a few times! He is talking an laughing now more than ever. I took him to Hobby Lobby and he couldn't stop staring at all the pretty flowers and colors. He is sleeping totally through the night now, about 8 hours. YIPEE! At his last doctor appointment, we checked out great - weighing in at 11.11 pounds and about 23 inches. Praise the Lord for a healthy baby! He doesn't play well on his tummy yet, but we practice everyday. He reaches up and grabs his toys on his "toy gym" and he takes "steps" when we hold his feet to the ground.

Friday, July 13, 2007

From the ends of the Earth, from the depths of the sea

Hello everybody! We are finally back from Florida! We had such a wonderful trip. It was great to be with family and to introduce Peter to one of his great grandmas! Peter did excellent during the 16.5 hour car trip. He slept most of the time and woke up every three hours like clock work to nurse. Most of the trip the weather was just beautiful with the exception of one really bad storm during the third night. Being with the rest of the family, (my parents, sister and sister's boyfriend, Matt) was also wonderful. Peter got lots of attention and we had a blessed time of just enjoying being together. We took some really neat family photos that are not ready to be uploaded - stay tuned! :)

Sitting out there next to the breathtaking water's edge really lead us to meditate on our awesome God. I think you will agree by looking at the pictures that God is a wonderful creator that loves beauty. Brent and I were struck by the vastness of God's creative power. As we walked along the beach, Brent told me how he scooped up a handful of sand and could not even begin to count the granuals. He said the task of counting only the grains of sand left on his fingers was overwhelming, but our God, in all His greatness, knows the number of every grain of sand, not just in Florida, but on EVERY beach all over the Earth. What an amazing and mind-boggling thought! The same is true when we would sit out on the deck of my grandmother's house and look at the stars. The scene was simply unspeakable as we listened to the waves crash behind us and looked at the stars shine above us. I could not even count the stars in the small area of sky I could see, but God knows the count of all the stars in the universe....He has even NAMED them all! (Psalm 147:4) As I walked along the beach, collecting shells and straining my eyes to see as far into the horizon as possible, I was reminded of the song - "From the ends of the Earth, from the depths of the sea, from the heights of the heavens, your Name be praised!!"