Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My sweet friends gave Justin and me a diaper shower last night. It was such a blessing! I was very overwhelmed by the love and generosity of my church family. How wonderful it is to have a closet full of diapers - the one thing we KNOW we will need and use. :)
My wonderful hostesses - Dana and Laura. They made yummy cakes (one lemon and the other strawberry) and lime sherbert punch - yumo! Laura is so creative - she made this banner just for my little Justin. :)

The people!

After we got home, Brent and I opened all of the diapers...I think we are set for a while! :O) How blessed we are - another testimony of the way that God works through his people.

Peter and I spend time in his play room playing with all of his toys and cars. He loves to shoot things...I didn't teach him that. Must have been Daddy. ;)

Peter is all about fixing things. He saw the oil get changed in our car and ever since, he wants to fix things on his work bench.

Momma's little "burrito". This is how Little J sleeps...I'm not sure how that toy got in the crib....but we have noticed Peter sharing his toys with Justin by throwing them in the crib.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Justin is ONE month old today!

Where does the time go? My Little J is one month old. He is doing so well; the Lord has blessed us with a very sweet son. He eats every three hours around the clock. (Sometimes he wants a feeding after 2 hours, but it is rare.) He is becoming more and more alert and he likes to watch Peter run around the living room. Brent and I are doing well too...sleepy, but well. Brent is a wonderful dad - he helps me during the night by changing all the diapers and bringing Justin to me from the portacrib so I can nurse. We are just praising the Lord constantly for the blessing of two beautiful children and the promise of eternal life that was bought for us by our Lord Jesus.
Well, what is everyone's vote....here are Justin's eyes right now....the golden ring around the pupils leads me to think that they might be brown one day. Peter's were always a steady and constant blue. Hmmm.
Peter wanted to hold Justin soooo badly. So we let him try - while sitting very close by of course. Peter did very well! He was really gently and was so proud to be the big brother. :)

Justin really tries hard to love the swing....it's a love/hate relationship.

Lately Peter has been very attached to Spiderman. He changes his diaper, kisses him, holds him when he cries...the other day he wanted to sleep with him. This is the first time he has ever asked for a stuffed friend to accompany him during naptime. :)
Hope you all are well...more pics soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bath time!

Since Little J's cord finally fell off, we can now give him proper baths...this brought back so many memories of Peter's first bath...although Brent and I had to laugh at how stressed out and nervous we were with Peter compared to how relaxed and easy it was with Justin. Peter watches, taking careful notes.

...Justin didn't like it much...

...but Momma can make it all better!

Sweet boy in his new monkey towel...don't I look cute, Grandma?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just some more cute pics....

Peter and Papa Jon sitting and talking about wood chips. :)

Happy due date! - July 25th.

Sir Peter on his throne. :)

"Hmm, do I look like Mama or Daddy?"

Well, this week we had Brent's family come to stay -Nancy, Doug, Gramma, Courtney,and Marty all came to see Little J.
GG and her great-grand kids! :)
One last group pic before "lock n' load", as Doug would say.

Watching Toy Story 2.

Who's your Daddy?

Peter loves to make a mess when eating pb&j! Look at those messy hands!

Sweet boy Justin...I wonder if those eyes are going to stay blue like big brother's...

It rained most of the week, so we had to just play on the porch.