Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here I go!

Peter has learned to pull up! He has been sitting up on his own lately, but this morning was the first time he got to a standing position with out my help. He loves to look out of this window in our living room - it is funny how he has always had a love of outside and my house plants....maybe he'll be a botanist. :)

I went outside to take his picture of what his face looked like. He was so excited to see me through the window. ")

He then tried, and succeeded in making me crack up - Peter you are so cute!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthdays, guitars and pad thai

Last weekend we met my family in College Station to see my sister for her birthday - the big 23! We had a great day trip shopping and eating out together. We also want to say happy birthday to Nana and Papa!
While I was folding laundry, Peter played on my guitar - he watches Brent play it every night during family worship and he wanted to give it a try....we are pre-selling cds. :)
He would get so tickled when the strings would vibrate and make music - he even clapped his hands a few times - hopefully he will follow in our musical footsteps!
My dear friend Emily is about to have her second baby in Feb. We get together frequently to scrap book, have lunch and fellowship. This time we both decided that we wanted to learn how to cook Asian food, so Emily got a pad thai and fried rice recipe for us and we tried it out together. We both love to cook so much and had such a great time of being together as sisters in Christ. And the food came out great, even if I do say so myself!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Help, I'm trapped!!

Well, we have finally reached the point where Peter must be contained. He has adjusted to the baby gate pretty well, but it is still fascinating to touch. He doesn't pull up on his own, but he will stand if we position him, and he is army crawling like crazy. :) Peter learned to clap this past week too - very cute. Hope everyone is doing well!

Peter loves to take rides in his dump was the table center piece for my shower!
Already singing in the bath tub!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Happy New Year, everybody! 2008 is gonna be great!
This past year has been such a blessing to us....we got to celebrate the birth of our first son as well as making many fun memories (and scrapbook pages!). Brent and I made a few resolutions....we looked at Jonathan Edwards 70 resolutions to help get us started. I would highly recommend that everyone read these and pick just a few to focus on in their own new year. You can check them out on the web by going to
Okay, kids, this is the new way to suck on paci! Make sure your bottom lip is securely UNDER the paci.....all the cool babies are doing it.