Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peter goes bowling!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eating out

Eating out has become something of a challenge these days. Justin is at the screaming phase. He is not mad or unhappy (well, most of the time) but he just screams out of glee or because he can. But we love McDonalds and Chic-fil-a so much that we just go out anyway. :)

Justin has discovered the world of Chic-fil-a icecream! He loves it and knows that when we go he will usually get some.

Oh it is so sad when it is all gone!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Houston trip

Here are some more pics of our trip to Houston....we got to go and see Grama at her office where she is an Assistant Principal. Her office was way fun with lots of colors and toys! The boys loved seeing where Grama speaks into the life of children and is a loving influence to her students.
Paperwork time!

Whenever I am in Houston I try my hardest to see the water. It was raining the only day that we had available, but that didn't stop us! We just parked along the sea wall and looked out the window. I love the smell of rain falling into the ocean.

Justin loved it too!

While we were visiting Pa and Nana, they had a little birthday party for him since they couldn't make it to Fort Worth for the actual day. Nana made him a chocolate cake...I think he liked it!!

Nana and Pa also let Justin open his presents. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's go, 'Stros!

Brent went to Chicago a few weeks back and so the boys and I went to Houston to visit the family. While we were there, Doug took Mom, Dad, Peter and me to a baseball game at Minute Maid Park. He really got us a great hook up, and we had a great time! Doug is the head of security there, so he gets his own 'patrol car'. :) Peter thought this was way cool!

On the way in you get to take your picture catching a fly ball! So funny...and almost looks real....

...if you do the action face right! Go Dad!

Little Astros fan!

I love stadium food! Mom and Dad bought us pizza, cokes, and soft pretzels to share while we rooted for the Home Team.

Our seats were fabulous! We were sooooo close. 12th row from the field - I didn't even use my zoom much on the camera to get the player's picture. The fly balls were wizzing by our heads!


Pa took Peter to sit in the dug out after the game! Wow, what an honor!

Hehe. I love my Dad!

7th inning stretch and peanut shell smash!

Peter was very into the game. He watched the whole thing and never got squirmy. For those of you who know Peter well, this is amazing! :)

I took this picture right before they brought in 5 more homeruns!

Astros won 6 to zip!

Pa took Peter on the field after the game and I got to go too since I had the camera. :)

My little ball player. He thought this was so fun to run on the grass where the big players do.

He even played a little catch with Pa. I love the form!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First hair cut!

So Justin has had his first hair cut. This happened a few weeks ago and I am just now posting...oops. :) thie pics do not really show it, but he was MAD! He did not at all enjoy the proccess.

All finished. Such a handsome boy!