Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Justin!

Well, you saw the pics from the last post which was the party we had with our friends. The next day, the 17th, was actually his birthday. We celebrated with Grama, Peter, Daddy and Mama. I made some yummy homemade pizza and a birthday cake for the little guy and we had a great party at the house.
Birth-minute picture! 8:00 am!! :)

We continued with the Toy Story theme for this party too....making the cake!

Tada!!! This is supposed to be the toys on Andy's bed.... :)

Let the party begin!

Blue dye goes a long way, apparently...

To the bath!

Time for presents! He did a pretty good job of tearing the paper.

This was from Grama....the pic cracks me up! Look at that belly! So full of cake.

Penguin from Aunt pops back up when you knock it down...perfect for the wrestling matches that go on here!

More Toy Story toys from Grama....I love this one.
Happy Birthday, my sweet baby! We love you so much and are so happy that God gave you to us to love and to care for. May you be blessed with the love of Christ and grow in His likeness!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Justin's box-sliding birthday bash!

We had Justin's first birthday party on Friday night! We were so excited to get to celebrate one year of having this little blessing.... We got to the park to set up then waited for our friends to arrive.

We had a Toy Story theme for the party....

We went to the Trinity River Park and set up along the steep egdes of the river bank. We brought a big stack of boxes to slide down the hills!

I was so proud of Peter! He did a great job and was even quite the little Dare-devil.

View from the bottom of the hill....we had a pretty good turn-out of friends that came to celebrate with us.

View from the top of the hill...

Peter couldn't wait for the 'cake eating' part. :) You cannot see it very well, but the Toy Story gang is on the cake.

Justin's first taste of cake!!

Not Peter's first rodeo...he knew just how to get good and messy. ;)

Grama went down the hill too! :)

Peter and one of his buddies, Jaxon....they were wrestling two seconds before this photo...:)

Yes, even Mama went down.....and ate it at the bottom!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family 'stay-cation'

The weekend of the 4th my parents and sister came up to spend time with us here in Fort Worth. We had a great time just hanging around the metroplex and doing some fun things right out our back door. The first night they were here we went to the drive-in did rain some, but overall we had a really great time seeing Toy Story 3 again.
Whenever my parent are in town it us just understood that we will be going to Dunkin Donuts. Yum! We love their coffee and their muffins are spectacular.

Another adventure we had was going to Medieval Times in Dallas. We were on the Red Knight's team and he actually won! Go Red Knight!!

We got to walk around and see the horses and some suits of armor and medieval things before the show. Mom and Dad bought Peter a light-up sword!

When you sit down to eat there are no get to use your hands. :) What fun! The food was really good too - tomato soup, rotissarie chicken, spare ribs, garlic bread,potatoes, and apple turnovers. A feast indeed!

Peter really got into the sword fighting and the horse jousting. He would swing his sword around too and tell me "I wanna see them fight AGAIN!" What a boy. :)

The Royal Family. ;)

The fireworks we went to were a part of the Concert in the Garden series at the Botanic Garden. You bring your chairs and blankets and enjoy a concert performed by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra before the fireworks start. Peter, obviously got a sno cone.

I was a little nervous about Peter and the fireworks...I have such senstivie ears and fireworks tend to freak me I was thinking Peter might be the same way. Boy was I wrong! He loved them! He sat on Grama's lap and ooohed and aaahed through the whole thing. I love this pic where he is so overjoyed at the exploding colors. :)

The finale was really intense. But Justin fell asleep and Peter was cheering. I was the only one cringing and holding my ears. :)
What a happy way to spend the weekend! We are so thankful to the men and women that serve our country and keep us free and we are grateful to God for all the ways He chooses to bless us and our country.