Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it.... a very good way!  We are settling in to having Jane at home.  We were very blessed to have my mom stay with us until Friday and then Brent's family came up for the weekend.  Brent was given a few days off from I am having tons of help, and LOVING it! So here are some action shots of the week...looking back I should have gotten more pictures that were posed and planned.  Next time, ya'll, next time.  We were all just a little busy I guess.  :)

We went and had some fun shopping with Gramma.  She took us to Super Target and got us all hooked on strawberry lemonaide icees.  YUMO!

Justin gets a good look at "bebe".  :)
As a treat one night we popped some popcorn in the microwave.  We don't usually do this and the kids were amazed!


We love Dr Howell!  He delivered Justin and Jane.  We just love how he cared for us as patients and parents.  We really felt taken care of under his watchful eye and sweet bed-side manner.  It's going to be weird not seeing him every month!
My sister got to come over too and even brought us a yummy dinner one night...thanks Auntie Jessica and Uncle Shawn!
Haha, I just love this pic.  Peter sat with toilet paper on his head and when we asked him what he was doing he said, "I look like Noah!"  Funny boy.
Hehe.  :)
Aunt Courtney got some special bonding time in with Jane.... did Pa.  :)  Look at that adorable face!!
We got to have dinner with Uncle Randy, Aunt Tobin, Faith and Jaxon too.

Peter loved playing with his cousins!  So fun to see them having a blast and playing together.  :)

Love to see those big blue eyes!  I wonder what color they will turn into to...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jane's birth part II

My very talented sister took these pics.  She has such an eye for beautiful photos!  We have been home with Jane for 9 days and life is good.  She has been sleeping well, for a newborn.  She has already added so much to our lives and we can't imagine things without her.  My mom and Brent's family had a nice visit these past days and I will post pics of those adventures next.  :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jane's birth part I

Well folks, it happened!  Our sweet Jane is here!  I am so amazed and grateful for God's grace and provision through this.  I was so nervous and felt like I came to Him so many times with the same anxieties and the same prayer requests.  But He is my Father and loves me so deeply that He patiently calmed me time after time and reminded me through His word how He alone is sufficient for me and how He has it all under control.  SO many prayers were answered so specifically in the birth of our sweet girl and I am so happy to be on the other side of it all.  So here are some pics to help you live through it with us...Brent says I take a long time to tell a story and that I tend to elaborate too much, I assume that my blog posts are no exception.  

 On the table...waiting to hear that sweet cry!  Praying over and over for comfort, protection and steady doctor's hands.
 Brent bravely took a picture over the curtain when we heard her cry.  We were talking to each other, taking bets on how big she would be, when we suddenly heard her cry without warning.  Our eyes flew open in surprise and Brent shot a picture as I burst into tears.  I couldn't believe that was my sweet baby girl, just feet away!

 She came out at 12:52 pm....6 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches.

 First bath!
 I was in recovery for about 5 hours.  Toward the end, they let Peter and my mom come in to see us.  Peter was so proud!

 Mama and baby totally beat after the surgery.  We needed a girl moment to rest together.  :)

 Love at first sight!!

 Jane, you might want to check your little finger for the permanent marks of Daddy's heart strings.  :)
 Jane bought Peter and Justin presents....little airplanes to zoom around the hospital room...they thought that was way cool.  And they were so proud to wear their "big Brother" shirts that they decorated themselves.

 So happy to be together!
 Proud Grama too!  :)
 Peter being goofy.  You can see the beautiful flowers that Nana and Pa sent - they added a wonderful cheeriness to the room!

 Papa Jon got to be here for the birth too!  I was so happy to have all of my family there to pray and to witness such a miracle.
 Girl time!!  :)

 Getting the foot prints done.

 Justin was fascinated by my weird looking hospital socks.
 Riding in sister's stroller...hehe.
 The nurses make you get up and walk when you have a c-section...helps healing and so forth.  So we took a family walk around the floor.

 So sweet!  I bet she gets anything she wants....  :)

 They FINALLY let me eat real food....and boy was it ever a meal!  I don't know if you have ever gone 2 and 1/2 days without solid food, but let me tell you, that first meal is WONDERFUL!
 Justin was very interested in my food too....of course I had to share with that sweet boy!
 We had some sweet visitors!  I wish I had remembered to take pics of them all.  But here are a few, I am so sorry to the ones that I didn't get a pic of... Above is my sweet friend, Lisa...
 ...and Jaime...
 ...and the Lambs.  :)
 Night night!
 It took her days to open her eyes...but it was worth the wait.  Isn't she beautiful?!

 My friend Stephanie and her family came too... did our dear friend, Ken.

Emily Scheffler and her daughter, Annie, came too and brought the cutest door decoration.  I always wanted to decorate the hospital room door.  :)

 Hanging out...
 My sis came to take some pictures of Jane with her really good camera and amazing eye for detail....I'll post those soon.
 Time to change to get ready to go home!!!
 Into the car seat you go, Lady.

Good ol' room 2238...
 WEEE!  Wheel chair ride to the car!
 And we made it!  All three kids have their homecoming picture taken on this bench, in front of this house.  :)

 These are out of order...on the way home we stopped to have lunch together at Pei Wei....her first outing!  Woohoo!  And look at that adorable car seat, GG!  :)

That's all for now...more coming later, I promise.  Thank you all who prayed for us and pray for us still.  We are so blessed and so happy in the Lord.  We love you all!