Monday, January 21, 2013

I say potato, you say potato!

 At AWANA night last week there was a spud decorating contest.  The kids had to decorate a potato at home and bring it to be judged.  Peter and I raided the craft closet at our house and we pulled out everything we could think of to use.  After I took the picture we stabbed about 7 or so toothpicks into him as well.
 Ta-da!  Glitter, pipe cleaners, beads on paper clips, googly eyes and thumb tacks.  So fun...
 Peter won an award for his buddy!  He won the "most artistic" category.  :)
He also passed off some of his verses and earned his Spark Wings. He was so proud. I am so thankful to Calvary Bible Church and the AWANA leaders that make nights like these possible.  Praise the Lord for their servants' hearts and the seeds that are being sown into the minds of our little ones.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year, everybody!  We got back from H-town on New Year's this is my first chance to really sit down and do a blog posting.  Here are some pics of our adventures down south:

 We were with my side of the family New's Years eve and day.  We did stay up to see the ball drop, but the next morning made for better pictures.  :)

 We opened presents a few days before that....

 ...matching slippers for the sisters.  I have rarely taken them off since this picture.  SO comfortable, thanks Mom and Dad!
My sis and hubby made the boys marshmallow guns.  I think Shawn and Brent played with them more!  

 We made Christmas cookies as is tradition with my cousin and her kiddos.  My mom and her siblings used to make these same cookies with their mom.  Here you see my Aunt Diane, cousin Sara, her daughter Moriah, my Mom, me and my boys.  So wonderful to have the generations carrying on traditions.

 The festivities were interrupted by a trip to the ER (third year in a row).  Jane's elbow got dislocated.  We are so thankful that is was an easy fix.

 Matching Starbucks cup for the adults.  :)  Cheers!

We also had the Osterberg tradition of smashing pumpkins for the New Year.  So fun and messy.  :)

 A few days before that were with Brent's side of the family.  Here are some of the cousin's kids all together. Such a sweet pic!
 Yay!!  It was the year of the BIKE!  Peter was so excited and started to get the hang of it.
 Justin got one too.  He is still a little young to get the concept but he loves to sit on it and wear the helmet anyway.
 Nerf guns from Uncle Marty and Aunt Courtney.  I think the boys thought they were Power Rangers.  :)
 Cuddling with GG..... :)
 ....and Nana! (sorry I forgot to crop the pic before I downloaded.)
Baby Bryce is almost here!  We are so excited to meet our first blood-related cousin in just a few short weeks.  Hang in there, Aunt Courtney!