Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He is Risen Indeed!

Mommies and their babies - don't they look sweet? Melissa and Bailey, Keri and Peter, Emily and Annie.
One of Brent's good friends was here for Easter from the Air Force Academy. It was so good to see you, Brian!

Okay, so I think this is only my (that is Brent's) third time to write a blog, but Keri and I both decided Resurrection Day would be the perfect opportunity for me to jump back in as an occasional columnist.

This past Sunday the Osterberg family celebrated the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ, and with my birthday coming up this week, I am asking myself some important questions: "Have you been anticipating your birthday, more than you did Resurrection Day?", "Will you spend your birthday basking in the enjoyment of what Christ has brought you through His death and resurrection or will you spend it enjoying yourself?", and finally, "What is more important: the fact you have lived another year, or that Jesus rose from the dead and is seated at the hand of His Father in heaven?"

Listen, I am not against celebrating birthdays. I just think that as Christians we should see our birthdays as occasions to remember that we are one year closer to eternity in heaven with Jesus all because He took the punishment we deserved for our sin by dying on the cross and rising from the dead three days later. This reality is immeasurably greater than any gift anyone can give me here on earth.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shall we gather at the river?

This past weekend, March 14 - 16, my parents, sister and her boyfriend, Andrew came up to Fort Worth for a visit. We had a great time going down to the Trinity River and park. Peter loved to go down the slide and swinging on the swings. This was really the first time he got excited about the playground....I guess he just needed to grow up a little. :)Auntie Jessica showing Peter how to "Ride 'em Cowboy!"Peter needs to wear his hat to shade his light-colored eyes. He didn't want to keep it on until Brent showed him that Daddy wears a hat too.
When we went down to the river, Peter fought tooth and nail for me to let him down. He would have crawled right on in if I would have let him!

The weather was so beautiful and we had such a great afternoon sitting by the water, enjoying God's creation together.

Grandma lets Peter do things that he would never get away with when Mommy has him. This time it was splashing in the river and getting all wet. :) He sure did enjoy it - what a boy!
Grandma and Papa Jon brought Peter an Easter basket in the shape of a doggy with lots of cute things - including outfits and books. Thank you!

At one point during the weekend we went to Toys R Us and let Peter look at all the cool toys. He LOVED it!! He even got a few driving lessons from Spider Man!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Visit from Great Grandma!

This past week we were so blessed to have my grandma come and visit us all the way from Florida! This was not her first time to meet Peter- they met when Peter was 11 weeks old. But, needless to say, he is much more fun to be around now! Corrie, my grandma, brought Peter a big bunny rabit for Easter and two very adorable Easter outfits. :) Peter loved the bunny rabit - he burried his face in it and loved to feel its soft ears. Thank you so much for such a great surprise!

Peter was all tuckered out by the excitement and took his nap right on great grandma Corrie. :)
Peter loved to show off for her and get her to laugh at him. We had such a great visit, we can't wait to see you again Corrie!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Day!

Finally the blog is working again! I don't know what was wrong - I have been trying to make a post for about 4 days now....anyway, we actually had snow in Fort Worth last Thursday! This was, obviously, Baby Peter's first time to see snow. He loved it! He pushed it around, kicked at it, and even ate it off of his mitten. When the snow first started, it was only Peter and me at the house...Brent came home later and we went out again. Yeah for Texas weather!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting so big!

Things are going very well, here at the Osterberg home front! Peter has cut a top tooth! He handled it very well, he slept fine and fussing was at a minimum. :) This past weekend we went down to Houston to continue work on our NANC certification. This means we are one baby step closer to becoming certified as Biblical Counselors! We still have a long way to go, but with a journey as rich, sanctifying and filled with truth as this one is, we don't mind the long haul! This past weekend was about the wife's and husband's role in marriage and then they taught on the parent's and child's role as well....talk about convicting! Brent and I realized that as much as we love the Lord and love each other, there are things that each of us are doing that we did not really even realize were sins. I will give an example of my own....I know that there are a lot of wives that read this blog, and I pray this blesses and convicts you the way it did me. In Ephesians 5:22, it says, "Wives be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord." (Emphasis mine) I have heard this verse so many times, but this weekend it really took on new meaning. In others words, we are to be submitting to our husbands the way we would submit to God. And you have to look at yourself and in the way you respond to your husband and ask yourself, "Would I respond to him, say that to him, act this way toward him if it were Christ that were standing there?" YIKES! If Christ asked me to do something, I would not do half of the things that I do when Brent asks things of me.....like rolling my eyes, slouching my shoulders, out right asking "why?" in a disrespectful tone, or do it with a smile but in my heart be complaining. Thoughts can count as disrespect too! God put Brent over me and I need to submit in a loving and respectful way....even if I don't think it is the best way, or even if I think that I could do it better/faster. (Now, this of course excludes sin....if your husband is asking you to sin, you must not submit!) I need to remember that I am going to stand alone before Christ one day and give an account for the way I lived and the things I chose to do and not do.....as my husband, it is one of Brent's jobs to help me prepare for that day....by praying with me, washing me with the Word, keeping me accountable for my quiet times and scripture memory...etc, etc, etc. And I must say that Brent is doing an excellent job at this! I think that as women, we have the tendency to respond negatively. Either because we feel convicted or because we are blind to our own sin. I am so thankful for a husband that is so determined to point me toward Christ.
I learned so many other things during the weekend, but this in one that stuck out the most. :) Thanks for reading this part, more pics are below.
Peter is always so interested in the guitar! I thought this picture was so sweet...we need to get Peter his own one day!
Thank you Granny Jan and Papa Jon for my new fire truck! I love to ride it! (especially when Daddy pushes it, he goes so much faster than Mommy!)
Peter go to feel snow for the first time on Tuesday! He was very interested and like the way the cold felt on his little fingers.