Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brent

So my honey is 29....
Brent's parents came up a few weekends back to celebrate.
They bought him a cookie cake....I love Peter's face in this pic. He couldn't wait to cut it!

Trying to determine which bite will be the best...

Then on Brent's actual birthday we went to Cabela's. For you people not in the DFW area, this is a huge sporting goods store that takes things to a new'll see what I mean....

Yes, all these animals are real....or were at one time. The displays were huge and the animals were so cool to see up close and not have fear of being eaten or kicked. :)

Not the best pic in the world, but I wanted to capture Justin's expression as he looked at all the animals. "woooa..."

I thought these were gross....all that hair!

Takin' it all in....

"Many much moosen!" (anybody listen to Brian Regan?) Hahahaha

They even have a stocked fish pond inside the store....


Always with the funny faces. Lol!

We bought some kettle corn and soda for snack - yum!

Yes, they even had an elephant!

Yikes. Glad he is stuffed.

The big aquariums were cool too....some of the biggest cat fish and gars that I have ever seen!

Happy Birthday, my Brent! I could not have dreamed of a more godly man to love all the days of my life! XXOO

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This past week I took the boys down to Houston to visit my folks. We went down to the Galveston shore for some fun in the sun - something that we have been missing this winter. We rode the ferry first thing.
The Ergo is really working out well! Justin loves to ride and it lets me keep my hands free.

We brought bread to feed the seagulls, always a fun tradition.

After the Ferry we needed something sweet - off to McDonald's for icecream! :)

We went down to the water favorite part! How I have missed the salty sea air. This was J's first time in the sand and I think he liked it. :)

My boys!

The water was soooo cold. But so worth it!

Friday, March 5, 2010


We were so happy that it was sunny and warm that we just had to get out of the house....I took the boys bike riding for the first time and they loved it! Then we played at the play equipment.

Where did my baby go and who is this big boy? :)

Both my boys love, love, love to swing!