Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time to catch up!

Yay!  I get to use Brent's laptop so I can do a few blog postings.   :)  So much has happened, so I will spare some of the details in the interest of your time...
We studied the letter "T" and went up to Saginaw to watch the trains.  Papa Jon told us just where to go to get the best chance to see some.  We had a great time!  We got some fried chicken and took it out for a tail gating party. We were there for a few hours and saw three trains.  The weather was beautiful!

 Peter turned 5!!  Wow!  Such a big boy, I can't believe it.  We had an extended family party, but unfortunately those pictures are on the hard drive that we cannot retrieve from at the here are just the pics from our little family party.  I made some homemade frosting for his cake...and one of the joys of childhood is liking the paddle to the mixer.

 Peter kept saying that he turned a "whole hand".  :)
 Lady turned 8 months on Peter's 5th.
 He had a Captain America birthday...the bigger party had a cake from Sam's and balloons and so forth.  But, like I said, this party was a little smaller.  But I did put Captain America riding a four-wheeler atop this cake.  And sprinkles, gotta have sprinkles.
We are so blessed to have our little, I mean, BIG Peter in our lives.  The Lord has given us such a mighty task in being parents and we pray that in the end we are found faithful.  We constantly lean on His grace and His wisdom to shepherd Peter's (and the others) heart and we give God all of the glory for having made it 5 years.  Here's to MANY MORE!  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to report that we have had our computer crash.  We are in the process of retrieving pictures and documents, so the blog might be a little behind.  I hope to have pictures for you soon.  In the mean time, we are thankful for the opportunity to trust God and choose joy in the midst of inconvenience and trial.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

C.R. Smith American Airlines Flight Museum

Well we are on the letter "U"...and what in the world is a Mama to do with the letter "u"?  Besides dancing with umbrellas and crawling under tables I was stumped.  Then it hit me...things that go UP!  That opened an entire new set of doors.  So the kids and I went to the flight museum.  I had found it on the internet months and months ago and never went.  So, we packed up for an adventure!  We had a great time, nice cute little museum that I think most people miss.

 We had a picnic in the Dawn Treader in the parking lot.  I didn't know if there was a cafeteria or not...and there wasn't.  Praise the Lord for thinking ahead!
 Inside the museum there was a little traveling exhibit that was hands on.  The kids loved it!

 Riding in the hover chair.

 You could go into the big airplane that you saw Peter in front of in the first pic.  Pretty cool....and kind of creepy in my opinion.

And what better way to end the tour than with a trip to the gift shop and some chocolate chip cookies!  The patio was really neat too, it is by the air port so the big planes are flying straight overhead and there are binoculars that you can use.  It was a nice overcast day and we played here for quite a while.  :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy birthday Daddy!

Brent's birthday was this past week.  The kids and I decided that he needed a big, neon sign to welcome him home.  Peter picked out the color because he knows that green is Daddy's favorite.  :)
The boys painted popsicle  sticks and I glued them to the sign before we colored it with crayons.  They had a lot of fun getting things all ready for their Daddy.  They also painted pictures with water colors.

 For his present from me, I made a free-floating Scrabble board.  If you know the Osterbergs, you know how much we loved Scrabble and how we fancy ourselves to be wordsmiths.  So this project was perfect for our bedroom. I painted and distressed an old goodwill picture frame, decopodged a pieced of sheet metal with old dictionary pages and put magnets of the back of Scrabble tiles.  The big white tile has a B and a K on it so we can flip it to know who's turn it is.  :)
 Brent chose to eat at Chuy's for his dinner and we walked across the street to the park afterward.

 Brent said that one of his birthday wishes was to run across the grass as fast as he could while being barefoot.  :)  Wish granted.

 Back home for birthday brownies....
 ..and blowing out candles.
I think the birthday boy was pleased.