Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boys will be boys

This video is so funny...he did this all the way home from Taco Cabana - about a 15 minute drive. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moody Gardens

At the end of July, we went down to visit my parents in Houston. I thought I had posted these pics already, but when I looked back at the blog I realized I hadn't! So, here they are! :)We first went to Moody Gardens. This is easily one of my favorite places on Earth! I just love the atmosphere and all the nature and science involved. Moody Gardens was hosting a Titanic exhibit and this was actually a wall of ice that was supposed to give you an idea as to how cold the water was when the passengers fell into the freezng water. I could barely touch it!
Then we went into the Rainforest Pyramid. I just love walking along and pretending I am deep in the rainforest on an expidition! :) They have really done a great job at recreating the different rainforests of the world.
Always goofing around.... :) What a perfect photo op!
This guy was just hanging out - I barely hd to use the zoom he was so close - yikes!
One cool part is where you can go in this cave and walk under the water fall. Peter liked this part because we let him out to walk.
After the Rainforest pyramid we went to the Aquarium Pyramind. They had a shark divers cage set is Peter as shark bait.
This exhibit was neat because the whole wall was glass looking into the tank. Peter loved to walk up and down, watching the seals dart around.

This sting ray loved Peter....I think it is so cool how they were so curious about each other. The Aquarium was so pretty. They really captured the feeling of being underwater.

The next day we went to the Science Musuem again....another one of my most-favorite places! There is a pendulum that swings with the Earth's rotation and knocks down the little wooden chips. Of course we had to make our day complete by seeing one get knocked down!

I just love this pic of Brent with the seashells. You can follow the line around and see how they get bigger and bigger!

In the basement floor of the museum, there is a hands-on section. You get to touch and explore the different areas of physics. I had to get a pic of my Dad by his favorite part!
A trip to the museum is not complete without a walk through the hall of gems and minerals. Our God is so creative and His handiwork is so beautiful! I liked this one - it looks like a marshmellow! :)

Peter got to have his first ever train ride! And I am so glad that Papa Jon was there for it! We had so much fun - of course it started to rain about two minutes after this pic and we got so wet! But that just made it MORE fun!

We had a fabulous time Mom and Dad - can't wait to do it all again!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we were so blessed to be able to go and visit our family friends, Alan and Theresa, who live on Lake Tyler. The other Osterbergs came with us and we had a fabulous weekend of fellowship, great food, and water fun! Nana bought Peter a life vest of his very own for the occasion....that way he could go out on the boat too!

The soon to be "Mr. and Mrs." :)
Peter LOVED the boat! He even fell asleep on it a few times.
Kyle and Brent have been friends since childhood.
Brent got to water ski! He did a great job.
I was able to go kayaking one of the afternoons. It was so relaxing!
Sitting on the dock of the bay. :)

Doug and Marty went fishing and Marty caught a fish! Yay! One afternoon it was raining and Nancy and Theresa were out in the boat house. They had to wear trash bags to not get wet on the way back up to the house! ;)
Alan was our fearless captain! Thanks for the wild rides!

Everybody (well, except me) was pulled by the boat in the tube too. Courtney received the most points for biggest wipe-out and hang-on time.

Jet skiing was definitely my thing! We had so much fun zipping along the coast!

For dinner one night, Doug took us all out to have some of the best ribs in Texas. Yum!

Thank you to Alan and Theresa - you are such godly, loving and hospitable couple! We love you guys!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Singing in the rain....well, the sprinkles

It sprinkled here the other day and we were playing outside when it started. We just stayed out and got a little never really fully rained though. :)

When it started to rain harder, Peter ran and sat under the door jam. :)
I would say,"Peter! It's raining!" And he would point to the sky and shriek...pretty funny.
Brent came home and by that time it had quit raining (sprinkling) so we stayed out and played some more. What a beautiful sunset!