Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebration of epic proportions!

We told the kids that when Jane learned how to walk we would celebrate by going to Chuck E Cheese.  :)  We love going to the Cheese!  We all have so much fun and so it was the perfect thing to do to celebrate something that we had been praying for for such a long time.  Jane not only learned to walk while we were in Cali, but she passed all of her physical therapy goals and therefore we do not have to continue with therapy!  

 While we ate, Chuck E Cheese himself came over.  The kids were so excited!

 Brent and I love to play the games too...
 I remember just a few short months ago when Jane could barely stand let alone I had to literally chase her down to get a picture.  God is so GOOD!!

 I figured out the trick to one of the games and I won the jackpot of tickets...three times!!

 Haha!  Justin and Peter picked out fake teeth among other prizes...they called themselves saber-toothed tigers.  :)

 Jane picked out a whistle...which was tons of fun on the ride home.  :)
What a fun day we had!  We praise the Lord for the significance of this day.  We are so thankful for the mercy and love He has shown our family through the trial of Jane learning to walk.  We trust Him more and know Him even more because of the past year!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Off to San Antonio

We spent this past weekend in San Antonio with Pa, Nana, Courtney, Marty and Bryce.  We had a nice weekend of swimming at the beautiful Marriott Resort.  

 Pa, Nana and the little darlings.  :)
 We hung out on Thursday afternoon playing bean bags (go Daddy!) and swimming.
 Bryce and Uncle Brent
 This was the stunning view from my room.  Such a pretty thing to wake up and see!
 The water was cold and refreshing...  We had fun splashing and going down water slides.

 Bryce had his first family vacation!  He was such a sweet baby - his grin will melt your heart!
 Sweet cousins

 Rollin' on the river...

 Such a lovely thing to nap in the warm breeze.
 My sweet sister in law, Courtney.
 On the way home we stopped at the Enchanted Springs Ranch.  Such a fun slice of the Old West....
 ...yes that is me....yes that is a real long horn.  Yikes.  I still can't believe I got on and off without fainting, haha!
 Baby Bryce rode too - yeehaw!
 We took a wagon ride and got to see long horns, zebras, turtles and other wild life.

 We saw the two-time world champ in gun twirling, Pistol Packin' Paula!  She was so talented!  We all really enjoyed her show.  Brent got called down to help her with one of her stunts.  He barely kept his finger nail!
 The town church.  :)
 Justin with Pistol Packin' Paula
 They had a little play area for the kids to run and swing.  They loved it!

 Courtney and Marty were so sweet to buy the boys pop guns!  They were so proud of themselves and used their new weapons to clean up the town - haha!  Uncle Marty was escorted to jail!
Yeehaw!  My little cowgirl.  :)