Sunday, September 20, 2009

Justin is two months old! Wow the time is going by so fast! Here is his milestone chubby! :) We had an Osterberg Family Reunion at the ballpark here in Fort Worth. We had everyone come together - which is rare and fun! We had a great time watching the game, eating the yummy food, and of course, seeing the fam!

Yay for hot dogs and nachos!! My game time favorite!
Faith and Peter are getting to be such good friends, she is very good at taking care of him.

Courtney loves her little nephew...he always goes to sleep with her. :)

Go Rangers! We got to watch the game from the private box that Randy got us - wohoo!

We got special Rangers t-shirts for the occasion.

The boys chillin' and talkin'.....

.....the girls got to hang out too. :)

I scream for icecream...we got little sundaes in mini baseball hats and got to put on our favorite toppings. Yumo!

Even Justin got to have a snack. :)

Peter watches the game and takes notes on how to try it at home.

This could be the Ranger's new poster boy. :D

Peter and Little Calynn talk through the glass....much safer. :)
We had such a great time! Thank you Tobin and Randy for getting us all together, it was a treat!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Most of you know about Peter's recent love - car washes. I know, it's silly....but for some reason that is what has tickled his fancy. He loves to make everything from his shoe to the empty fry box at McDonald's into a car wash. He puts one of his many cars into the container and talks about the soap and the washing and how it gets "all clean". :) So, I found an actual car wash made for Hot Wheels on ebay and ordered it for him. We rang the doorbell and let him come running to see what was outside on the porch... ...he ran in with the box over his head and was very excited to learn that the package was for him!
He kept asking "open it, open it!"

Look how happy he is...and he doesn't even know what is inside.

Brent helped him get it out and showed him how to run the cars through. Peter watched with careful attention...
...and then was able to do it himself!

So fun! This is really all he has played with since then.

My chubby J Man. He is getting sooooo big! He weighs at least 13 pounds right now! It took Peter a month longer just to get to 11 pounds...

Justin has started talking! He loves to cooo and talk back to you.

Another Momma's boy in the making! :)

Look how long and tall he is!! I know where he gets it....

Bath time! Not sure why I am making such a crazy face...but I thought the pic was cute anyway.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some random pics for you to enjoy...most of them speak for themselves. :) Hey Pete! Working hard, or hardly workin? :)
He doesn't have his clothes on because he jumped in a mud puddle after the rain. He was having too much fun to go in and change...

We went to Academy and Peter had a blast trying on the different uniform pieces....

...and so did Brent. ;)

One evening we watched a friend of ours, Jaxon, and so we took the boys to the park to play.

Peter and Jaxon playing on the big boy equipment.

Peter actually went down the big slide by himself...I was shocked. He is getting so big! Look at that grin of self-satisfaction!

We went down to see the river as usual. I love this spot in Ft pretty!

I wonder what toddlers have to ponder so deeply... ;)

This pic is from the church picnic. Peter took a cookie off the table and then went to sit in the grass and watch the men play football. He's so funny!

Brent getting in some daddy time with Justin. I hope to get some good ones of Little J soon to post.....he's not as exciting to take pictures of as Peter is....he sleeps a lot. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peter's biggest thing right now is jumping off of things. From the box of diapers (shown here) to the couch and coffee table (not allowed!). He is just so proud of himself. It seems like all the time I hear "Momma! I jump!!" :) He's actually really good at sticking the landings.

J-man is still a little fussy, as you can see. :) Poor baby. He has a set of lungs that he is not afraid to use! He really only cries when he is hungry...which seems to be very frequently. But I don't mind; he is precious. Sometimes I miss Peter's little cries, so I am cherishing all of Justin's. :)

Peter showing off his Big Brother shirt that I made him - again. He is so proud to be the big brother and he is getting very good at holding Justin and being gentle and loving.

I was in the other room changing Justin's diaper and I heard a series of loud crashes. By the time I got Justin in a safe place and made it in to Peter's room, this is what I found. LOL! At least he's having fun.
We thank everybody for the prayers you have been offering up on our behalf. The Lord is very gracious in that our family is closer than ever. We are enjoying parenthood to the fullest degree and love our boys so much. We praise the Lord for His love for us, which makes loving others a possibility at all. We hope you are all well - Praise the Lord for the days He chooses to give you and be glad in them!